What’s Happening at My Israeli Table….In the Beginning


I am getting ready to start my ” inaugural catering” job for a very dear Bat Mitzvah girl and her family. By my former standards it is a small job. Although, I have been cooking and sending out food for years – this job is special. With all the food I offer, I focus on the people I am preparing for, and I try to put as much love and care into my dishes.

This job is special because it is my newest incarnation. I was a hotel chef at the Pearlstone Center in Reisterstown for 8 years with top of the line equipment, a huge kitchen and budget. I had an appreciative and receptive built  –  in audience and all I had to do was give my heart and soul.

 I have worked for many high-end  caterers over the years. I have observed, up close, how they grew their businesses from a rented van to a fleet of trucks. I have watched how they built and rewarded loyalty with their staff and customers. I have had an incredible education in the trenches.  What I didn’t know I learned by taking a Hospitality Program at the local college. After Aliyah, I spent 14 wonderful sessions learning with the best entrepreneurs in Israel through the MATI/Jerusalem’s program, under Judy Fierstein, learning the ins and outs of the Israeli business climate.

Now, I am an Israeli!  I have what I have and I am determined to make it work. It is the essence of being a new immigrant – failure is not an option. So, I dust off my repertoire of delicious recipes and sharpen my knives and prepare to begin again.

I am home.